• Conciliation and develop uses of buildings
  • Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan
  • School of Sultan Hassan of Science and islamic Arts
  • To revive and restore the heritage of a lost time to a strong revival
  • New scientific center of radiation of the land of Egypt to the world

    The general framework of the study

    1) Historical overview:

    • History of Mamluk architecture, which followed the building.
    • A brief history of education and educational buildings and types in the Mamluk period.
    • History of the building and established stages of development and through the ages.

    2) Studies of the site:

    • The general location of the building.
    • Access roads and main themes.
    • Services and activities surrounding.
    • Angles of vision and physical character.
    • The potentials of the site.
    • Determinants of the site.
    • Problems with the site.

    3) Studies the current status of the building:

    • A) studies and functional:
    • Spaces and key components
    • Elevations. (And interfaces – sectors)
    • Open spaces and corridors of movement.
    • The functional relations of the building in the status quo.
    • The current uses of the building.
    • Assess the functional status of the building.
    • B) Studies of construction:
    • Study of construction beneath the surface of the earth (soil – the foundations and properties)
    • Study the construction above ground level (structural system – efficient construction)
    • Study of construction materials and finishes and how to deal with it.
    • Assess the situation of construction of the building.
    • C) Study the network of services and facilities:
    • Study of Services and the various facilities of the building.
    • Assess the state of facilities and services of the building.

    Keywords: Sultan Hassan, Islamic Architecture, Mamluki Architecture, Egypt, Cairo