Dalibor BARTON?K, Stanislava DERMEKOVÁ, Irena OPAT?ILOVÁ
(Institute of Geodesy, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic)

Abstract: The contribution deals with the usage of old maps in GIS for urban re-development and in archaeology. The used approach method consists of three phases: in the first one archive maps and other historical materials were collected, the second one was devoted to the data processing and in the third phase map outputs and presentation materials were created. As a model area the historical centre of Brno (Czech Republic) city including st. Peter-Paul’s cathedral and Špilberk castle were selected. In the first phase have been gained old maps since 17th and 18th centuries and other materials from various institutions of Brno city (archive, museum, magistrate, private companies etc.) and military archive Vienna (Austria). On the basis of historical maps, plans and documents the main temporal points of urban development were established. The goal of this project was to attempt to establish urban re-development in these temporal points. The project analysis was made together with the cooperation of the experts of the middle age archeology branch. Final output is a GIS project in ARC/INFO created with the geo-database, which contains all temporary levels of map sheets, significant geographical objects with the attribute data and historical and current time photos of the interested objects. In ARC/INFO system also 3D model of Špilberk castle have been created.

Another part of the project is how to make use of a special prediction model for finding abandoned medieval villages in the surroundings of the castle of Veve?í developed in ArcGIS

Keywords: historical maps and plans, GIS, data warehouse, 3D visualization