(Roman-Germanic Commission of the German Archaeological Institute, Frankfurt, Germany)

Abstract: In many parts of the world over the past 60-plus years archaeological air photography has brought to light more previously unknown heritage sites than any other method of exploration. Air photography has now been joined by satellite imagery, airborne laser scanning and a variety of other airborne and ground-based survey techniques known jointly as ‚remote sensing‘, since they explore what is beneath the earth or ocean without disturbing its surface or damaging what lies below.

To foster the cooperation between archaeological institutions in the field of modern surveying techniques the EU has started to support the large European networking project ArchaeoLandscapes Europe under the framework of the Culture 2007-2013 programme. It is the aim of this project to support any kind of collaboration that enhances public awareness and dissemination of challenging skills in aerial and remote sensing techniques, at a very European scale. At the moment 41 partner institutions from 26 countries work together to create a self-supporting network of expertise and to disseminate the methods and techniques of modern archaeological surveying to institutions that are involved in archaeological research, cultural heritage management as to the general public.

The poster will present the project, it’s aims and activities which are planned and undertaken by the project partners, and seeks to get in touch with other colleagues who want to become part of that increasing network.

Keywords: Remote Sensing, Aerial Archaeology, LiDAR, Geophysics, Network Project