(Karabuk University,Karabuk,Turkey)

Abstract: Kayakoy was a settlement region of Rums (Greeks of Turkish Nationality) in the 14th century.After the compulsory exchange of Greek and Turkish population in 1922.the  town had became like a ‘Ghost ”which its contents: more than 1000 houses,2 big churches,14 chapels,2 fountains,2 windmills and 2 schools and many archeological values which among are 3 tombs and Lycian rock tombs etc. came from ancient times .

Kayakoy was founded on the lands of ancient city Karmillassos which had been demolished almost completely excluding a few home-type tombs due to earthquakes. Its ancient name is Levissi. Becoming united with the people of surrounding five Turkish villages and teaching humanity on the concepts of friendship, brotherhood, and peace throughout its history, Kayakoy is one of the most important regions to be proud of. According to the agreement of population exchange signed between Turkish and Greek governments in 1922, Rums living in Kayakoy were exchanged by Turks living in the western Thrace.

Our project aims to erase the pain of the population exchange in the ancient town of Kayakoy. To revive deserted and so disgrunted town by following original values.To establish a living museum, a cultural and art center in here.

Keywords: Kayakoy,compulsory exchange,revitalization