Elisabeth MONAMY
(Archeomuse, Vienna, Austria)

The main concern of Archeomuse is to have a specific glimpse on daily life of antique civilizations: a glimpse into antique cooking pots! What did all these great but mainly forgotten civilizations eat? Thanks to finds from archaeological excavations, texts, images (drawings, mosaics, sculpture, and so on), a lot is established about kings and their families, laws, architecture and religions. Clothing is also identified to a lower extend. Food is merely seen as sacrifice or grave goods or medicine. Although we can admit what kind of animals where hunt and / or bread, what kind of plants where cultivated, we hardly know anything about eating habits. When and what was eaten? An antique cooking workshop is a time travel into antique cooking pots and a way to experience archaeology.  This different approach to archaeology and history should enable more people to learn about ancient civilizations in a comfortable and amusing way.
In this Slam I would like to make a time travel and introduce the audience to antique cooking habits!