Anna SUČÍKOVÁ, Monument Board of the Slovak Republic

The Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic performs a specialized state administration in the field of protection of cultural heritage. In addition to the performance of the state administration, The Monuments Board of the SR also carries out scientific-research, methodological and documentary activities. One of its specialized departments is the Department of Digitization and Graphic Documentation (ODGD).
Between 2012 and 2015, the digitization of mainly large objects was selected in addition to the internal ODGD digitization the outsourcing of specialized suppliers of digitization services. From 2016 we will continue to digitize the monument fund only in the internal capacities of the Office.
Several methods of digitization depend on the digitized monumental object. We use terrestrial laser scanning, digital photogrammetry, optical scanning method, digital photo. We also use standard geodetic methods and to the localization of objects technology of the Global Navigation Satellite System.
The digitization of the monument fund provides a simplified capture of the real image of the monumental object and its detailed documentation. It represents source data for eventual reconstruction of damaged or destroyed monuments and is a documentary copy of the monument in time.
Outputs of the presented project are digitized data of the monument fund, which serve as a basis for further accessibility of the cultural heritage. Digitization simplifies the documentation of the monument fund, enables its further research and contributes to its protection. Last but not least, it contributes to raising the general awareness of the cultural heritage.

Keywords: digitization of the monument, protection of the monument fund, digital documentation, data collection, 3D scanning, terrestrial laser scanning, optical scanning, digital photogrammetry.