Ladislav DEDÍK | Jana MINAROVIECH (STUDIO 727, Bratislava)

During the years 2013-2016 a great number of buildings (medieval castles, churches and other monuments) in Slovakia were digitized. Contribution was created thanks to EU project, within the Operational program Informatization of society. Project was supported by The Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic and Government Office of Slovak Republic.
The main coordinator and executor was the Monument Office of the Slovak Republic. The subcontractors of digitization work were companies: Studio 727, sro., Geodethicca, sro., iQServices, sro., Ornth sro. and others.
The subject of our investigation was the most significant Slovakian historical objects. Within the digitalization project we have created 3D models of the most important Slovakian monuments, as e.g. Bojnice castle, gothic church in Spišský Štvrtok or Devin castle, where are located also artefacts from Roman period, La Tène era and middle ages.
The aim of the project was to identify current technological possibilities of creation virtual presentations of real spaces.
The purpose of documentation is to capture the appearance of historical buildings and historical building technologies, to keep culture heritage for next generation. There have been documented some monuments, which have been falling apart progressively. Created documentation contributes to culture heritage publicity and offers documentation for the future renovation of these particular monuments. The Entry of this project was the process of creating 3D virtual models and 2D documentation.