Eleonora GANDOLFI | Graeme EARL | Grant COX
(King’s College London, London, UK)

Keywords: cloud tour; MOOCs; public engagement; Portus; data reuse

This paper present and discuss the development of a Web Portal to access data from heritage sites.
Digital data from photogrammetry, 3D modelling, laser scanning, photography, open access publication and MOOCs have been linked by the Web Portal created for the roman site of Portus in Italy (https://www.cloudtour.tv/portus) to create a different visual and easy accessible narrative and to explore its potential role for open education (or to support compulsory education) and public engagement. The tool functionality was developed to meet the needs of archaeologists, local authorities and end users, including school kids that have used the tool to integrate their traditional school curriculum. It can be accessed both on PC or on mobile to facilitate the link between digital and physical while on site, keeping the re-use of digital outcomes created by the archaeological project at the heart of the process.
This paper will report on the different stages of development of the tool and the methodology used to link the data available, the difficulties encountered and strengths of the approach. It will also describe the results of the testing and formal evaluation on how effective the tool is in engaging with learners, including students in compulsory age education, and impact on awareness of Roman Cultural Heritage worldwide.

Relevance for the conference: The research focuses on different digital visual contents (VR, video and 3d reconstruction) produced by the Portus project and how they could be re-used for different porpuses.
Relevance for the session: The tool that will be presented has helped to engage different audiences digitally (including schools kids) and while on the site by collecting already available resources and creating a new narrative that support the development of transferrable skills.
Innovation: The Cloud tour developed is unique and has developed a new way to access, explore and re-use digital visual content (video, 3d Models, photogrammetry/laser scanning)