Call for Papers

(City of Vienna, Austria)

Keywords: Smart City Vienna, ViennaGIS, Digital City Map, Digital Twin, Wien gibt Raum, Open Data, WienBot, Kappazunder, Artificial Intelligence

Call: The City of Vienna and its departments use digital data, tools and artificial intelligence as part of a common digitization strategy for applications to conserve resources and maintain the high quality of life.
Using cutting edge technologies and analytical methods, the data are processed to support governmental decisions and may form the basis of a future Digital Twin.
Due to the setup and use of novel digital tools, Vienna is a pioneer in the field of Open Government and enables participation as well as transparent processes.
Vienna’s strong Open Government Data (OGD) directive means, that the city makes figures and data available for public and free use. Hundreds of data records provide detailed information about one-way streets, real-time information of the public transport, historical aerial images, archaeological data, measurement data for air pollutants or WLAN locations, to name just a few areas.
One example beyond others is the program „Wien gibt Raum“ and it’s related concept for an innovative management of a major city’s public space using a large scale mobile mapping campaign.
This campaign is carried out by the Department of Surveying and Mapping, and deals with the acquisition of high quality geodata (georeferenced digital images and 3D data) within the entire city.
These data are anonymized and made available to the departments of the City of Vienna in a web-based image data service (Kappazunder).
Based on these data, existing objects within the public space can be inspected or surveyed, and may be analysed using artificial intelligence.
In the future, these data may also be a sufficient input to feed the idea of a Digital Twin.
The City of Vienna takes over in many areas of ICT the pioneer task for the future.

In this session we will show some examples of high tech solutions generated by the City of Vienna and also our new Digital City Map.

Submission (open until July 31, 2020)
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