Paliambela Kolindros and Toumba Thessaloniki excavation project members

The showcase presents recent digital applications for archaeological excavations advanced within the framework of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The focus is placed on digital data management in 3D alongside the virtual reconstruction of architectural remains and supplementary procedures for data recording and digitization applied in the excavations of Paliambela Kolindros, one of the earliest settlements in northern Greece (6600-4500 BC), and Toumba Thessaloniki, an important Bronze Age site in the region investigated since 1985. The former is directed by Prof. Kostas Kotsakis (AUTH) and Prof. Paul Halstead (Uni. of Sheffield, UK), while the latter is led by Prof. Stelios Andreou(AUTH).

In the first case, a system for the complete excavation data management is presented. The system is based on a combination of GIS technology and a suite of photogrammetric recording techniques that address the compilation and digital data handling of any archaeological excavation providing advanced abilities for the conduct of exploratory data analysis and stratigraphic interpretation in a 3D cartographic environment. The entire digital process has the advantage of being implemented on a single software platform allowing the creation of a fast and effective digital excavation documentation workflow. In this respect, it constitutes an informative research tool for the excavator and an excellent media platform for the display of the course of the excavation to the wider public. The system has been developed by a research team directed by Prof. K. Kotsakis. Markos Katsianis and Spyros Tsipidis were the principal investigators. Profs. Y. Manolopoulos and A. Kousoulakou (AUTH) contributed as IT and GIS experts respectively.

The system has been recently applied in the excavation of Toumba with the overall aim to facilitate the investigation of the formation processes of the settlement. It is complemented by the virtual reconstruction of the architectural remains from different phases of the settlement, developed by Nikos Valasiadis and Yiotis Vrantzas.

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