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It is time to think and speak about colleagues, who have lost or will lose their jobs, because there are less excavations, less projects, funding is prioritised for other fields over archaeology, museums and Cultural Heritage.
We must be aware that after we have “beaten” this disease, that also our Cultural Heritage could be in a sad state.

This page is for you, fill it with statements:
How you live and work in these special times. This page should be a place for your beliefs for the future but also your sorrows.

Send us your statements NOW, … to kongrarchae@stadtarchaeologie.at – One or two sentences and maybe one picture / figure!

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Your Messages

P. Picasso said: “Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul”. The actual situation is depressing for all of us. But we are those who present and represent art and culture on our excavations, with our publications and in our museums.
Let us not forget that we despite our despondence have the means to “wash the dust from the souls” of those who have to live under fatal circumstances in these days.
Let`s hold our heads high, after all things seem to start improving!
Best wishes to all of you, take care,

(Karin Fischer Ausserer, CHNT President)

Sometimes the world as we know stops existing……but culture will always prevail.
Keep up the good spirit, there will be always Cultural Heritage
in the future.
(Bert Brouwenstijn, CHNT committee)

A society shaken to its core, must understand that our rich and diverse cultural heritage has a profound power to help create a better future for all of us.
(Dora Moutsiou, CHNT committee)

© AIS CR team

Dear colleagues,
our research infrastructure Archaeological information system of the Czech Republic (http://www.aiscr.cz/en/) and its team have been continuing work thanks to its digital nature and tools like Digital Archive (https://digiarchiv.aiscr.cz/) or Archaeological Atlas (http://www.archeologickyatlas.cz/en).
We would like to express our strong support for those who struggle at this unusual time. Even though we are facing a challenging period, we want to see a positive light on the horizon until the crisis together with all its social and economic consequences is over. As Yogi Berra said „It´s tough to make predictions, especially about the future“. So we just hope that thanks to the increased promotion of cultural heritage and science on-line at this time, they both get more visible, will be more appreciated and perceived as a part of the world that is worth to be taken care of and supported.
stay safe
(AIS CR team)

© I. Herzog

For many of us Corona means exploring the frontiers of our patience, of our economic situation, of our homes, of digital media and communication.
On the other hand Corona allows many of us to detect new digital ways to access or present cultural heritage, to finish unfinished papers, and to detect cultural heritage in our vicinity. 

(Irmela Herzog, CHNT committee)

As the Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, “the world will not be the same thereafter! Archaeological excavations that are unknown when to start, archaeologists unemployed, closed World Heritage Sites, with non-sustainable salaries artists that do not decrease performance, closed museums, museum collections that are not maintained or not maintained due to lack of personel,  theft in museums and historic buildings , despite the threat of COVIT 19 continued armed conflicts .etc., threaten our world of culture and art.
(Saadet Guner, CHNT committee)

Archaeology is always a gamble, unfortunately.
(Geoff Carver)

Museums usually are vivid places of interaction between culture, science, and people. As museums reopen: What will be the impact of the current situation (with its restrictions) to the way of interaction in museums?
(Christina Kral-Börner, CHNT committee)