Andrey V. BIRIUKOV / Vladimir I. IONESOV

(Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise, Samara, Russia)

The objective of our research is tried to study of possibilities cultural diversity for sustainable development and multicultural creativity in context globalization and general tasks of European Year of Innovation and Creativity. Knowledge and techniques have come to be recognized as a precondition for progress, but they are great challenge of contemporary culture. The focus is put on the question of social innovations in cultural process under conditions of global modification, communication and transformation, and the cross-cultural possibilities to understand different modes of survival and development of changing culture. The paper explains some symptoms of cultural transformation and diversity through the globalization and multicultural development. The specific of global transformations consists of its planetary scale. The transformation is simultaneously imperative and trial of post-modernity reality. The risk and danger usually come from the side of innovations and diversity. Innovations’ influence can destroy the structural sustainability of society, but innovations’ attack enables also to move forward the culture. The culture becomes the main instrument of structural reorganization of human community. However the post-modern culture throws two big challenges to humanity – unification and diversification in global space. The forming of functional diversity’s system could be answer to these trials. The functional diversity’s system enables to create the effective structure on management of social transformations and sustainable development. The paper focuses on adaptation resources of functional diversity in overcoming of intercultural conflicts, social tension and economical crisis.

Keywords: diversity, communication, global transformation, innovation, creativity