(Cultural Heritage Integration Lab, Vienna, Austria)

Keywords: Apps, Vienna, Cultural Heritage Interpretation

Austria and especially Vienna have a vast offer of cultural heritage sites building up one of their main touristic marketing lines. Nevertheless, there are currently no studies on the offer of apps for cultural heritage sites in Austria. International examples of research and studies from the European area are sporadic. In this context, the overall objective of the project CultApp is to synthesize an overview of the currently available apps for the interpretation of cultural heritage sites in Austria and to provide a solid foundation for further research on smart device applications supporting the creation of better cultural heritage apps.
The paper at hand focuses on available apps for Viennese cultural heritage sites. In doing so it addresses questions like: What types of apps are used to interpret both high- and low-profile sites? or What development tendencies can be recognized? The applications are evaluated and compared on the basis of three sets of criteria: content – including origin, actuality, narrative thread – handling – including graphic design, interactivity, multilingualism – and costs.
The results of the evaluation are summarized in an overview of qualities and deficits. Summing it up, the relationship between qualities and deficits on the one hand and the size of the cultural heritage site, the app provider and the managing body of the site on the other hand is analyzed.

Relevance for the conference: The paper focuses on the use of new digital media for heritage interpretation.
Relevance for the session: The paper deals with the strong contrast between apps gaining importance as interpretation media and the quality of the currently available apps.
Innovation: The paper presents a first overview and analysis of available apps for heritage interpretation in Austria.
• Daniel R. Stiller, Willem Beex , 2017. Apps under the surface. Problems with Cultural Heritage apps , SDH, 1, 2, 326 – 343 .