Call for Shorts Papers (Round Table)

Wolfgang BÖRNER
(Museen der Stadt Wien – Stadtarchaeologie, Austria)

Keywords: Web portal, platform, new technologies, cultural heritage, Wien Kulturgut

Call: Twenty years ago, in December 2000 the Web Portal “Wien Kulturgut” (former “Wiener Kulturgüterkataster”) has gone online. Since this time much has changed in technological aspects and new content was uploaded. Since the start it was highly accepted by the citizens of Vienna and also by tourists.
Web portals give everyone access to digitally recorded cultural heritage, which is stored and researched at various locations. The digitally available resources can be searched and filtered according to different criteria. Sometimes, virtual tours offer the opportunity to deal with objects and to stroll virtually through cities, heritage sites, museums and collections.
There are also cross-national platforms, like “Europeana – a European cultural heritage platform for all”.
In the last twenty years many web portals, platforms, heritage portals and many heritage homepages were uploaded in the World Wide Web. New technologies offer new unprecedented possibilities to explore Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in various ways and bring the users/visitors much more amusement.
However, have these ways of presentations impact on the awareness of the users, are they thought as provoking? Can they help us to save Cultural Heritage from ruthless investors, war and more?

The aim of this round table is to discuss these before mentioned questions and show us, where we are now!
Submit “impulse papers” (5-10 minutes talk time) and let’s hope for much discussion!

Submission (open April 15, 2020)
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