(Museen der Stadt Wien – Stadtarchäologie, Vienna, Austria)

Keywords: WebGIS – public presentation – digital museum

Being aware of the lack of permanent solutions concerning digital data storage the department of Urban Archaeology of Vienna is using visualisations and photogrammetric methods in a quite careful way. The visualised archaeological record has to be closely linked to special issues or particular public presentations, otherwise you would produce a mass of perhaps unusable data in the future. Before having adequate solutions for this problem at the present moment the “traditional” way of documenting by CAD seems to be the most stable approach, especially concerning data exchange and further processing. But a quite useful application area for visualisation should be the record of protected monuments for a future comparison with the status quo. One possibility for a reasonable archiving of visualised data is considered by an elaborated Web-GIS which will contain the whole archaeological record of the city of Vienna in combination with corresponding visualisations. Another approach is a common digital storage solution together with the “Wien Museum” as a kind of a digital museum. But these are all visions for the future and could only be realised by a masterplan which should be urgently prepared in a next step together with all involved archaeological institutions and museums in Vienna.