Opposites that attract or repel each other?

Call for Short Papers

Chairs: Elisabeth MONAMY | Sigrid PETER
(ARCHEOMUSE Vienna, Austria | Association for preservation and research of castle „Ried am Riederberg + Archeopublica)

Keywords: Citizen participation, communication, digitalisation, COVID-19, museums

The last year had quite an impact on all our known and beloved areas of life as well as the working daily life and was especially challenging for cultural institutions like museums. However, there were also positive aspects and many innovations in the field of digitalisation. This round table will precisely discuss this aspect of new possibilities and innovations, also regarding citizen participation and science communication within the wide frame of the world’s heritage.

We are looking for all contributions that address the following questions: What input did (or still does) Covid-19 have on museums? To what extent were there benefits in terms of digitisation? What role(s) do museums play regarding citizens’ participation in cultural heritage? Which target groups should be reached and which target groups take advantage of the digital museum offer? How can people who do not have so many opportunities to participate in cultural heritage be reached through an online offer? Were there any learning experiences for museum staff and/or citizens through the new media? What was the practical implementation for museums in terms of technical and financial aspects, as well as accessibility to citizens? Was there a mutual influence between education, museums, and the lockdown? In which areas were new technologies used and in which areas was existing material accessed? Was there an advantage for museums to “go online”? What was the impact on the visitor group(s)? What experience do the museums have with the implementation? (Technology, costs, accessibility of citizens…) What opportunities were / are there for citizens to participate in the protection of cultural heritage in times of Covid-19? How can large museums and small heritage museums attract people to their collections and exhibitions despite the pandemic? Everyone who would like to contribute to this round table is welcome to submit a short (impulse) lecture. Present your own citizen participation project, share your experiences about involving people from different backgrounds – or point out failures.

We invite the widest range of people – up from professionals in all related disciplines to amateurs and citizen scientists of all disciplines to participate in the discussion.

The round table consists of many different short impulse lectures (~10 min) and a discussion in which all participants and listeners are invited to actively engage in.

Send us your submission until July 30, 2021