Elisabeth MONAMY | Theodora MOUTSIOU | March 25, 2020 | 10 am

The world is experiencing a very difficult time at the moment and all of us here at the CHNT Organisation Committee want to wish strength and patience to everyone. We continue with our blog, hoping that it will be a welcome brief break from the events that have captivated the public.

Today we continue with the presentation of our new Organisation committee.

Bert Brouwenstujn (VU University Amsterdam) is a cartographer, graphic designer, 3D specialist and working with WordPress.

Juniorführer (© Christina Kral-Börner)

Christina Kral-Börner (Vienna) is an archaeologist specialised in museum studies and education and her interests lie, in a wider sense, in imparting archaeology and culture heritage to people of all ages and professions

(© Theodora Moutsiou)

Theodora Moutsiou (University of Cyprus) is a post-doctoral researcher at the Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus and the Principal Investigator of the Water Routes in Human Island Dispersals: Modeling the Pleistocene Exploitation of Cyprus (PLEICY) project funded by Cyprus’s Research Promotion Foundation. She uses modern technologies (GIS, geochemistry) in the study of past human behaviour.

Kharbalgas (© Hendrik Rohland)

Hendrik Rohland is archaeologist and historian. He specializes in the medieval archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe, especially the urban archaeology in medieval Mongolia, and trans-Eurasian cultural exchanges in that period. In the course of his studies he embraces the possibilities new technologies have to offer, ranging from remote sensing, 3D reconstruction, Structure from Motion to GIS and spatial analysis. He is regular participant of the Mongolian-German Orkhon Expeditions and has recently joined the ArchaeoTeam at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, HTW Dresden.“

Rob Van Haarlem (TIJD LAB Deventer) is specialised in building the most beautiful digital presentations, from online games to virtual reality experiences and holograms.

Our next blogs will focus on presenting different aspects of Cultural Heritage, including 24 years of CHNT archives, as well as examples of the application of new and diverse technologies in the study, preservation and promotion of the material expression of human past activities.

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