Christiane CLADOS | Heike MESSEMER, Germany | June 17, 2019 | 10:00am

Virtual Reconstruction is not equal to Virtual Reconstruction:
Towards a Scale of Graphic Representation

Today, virtual reconstructions are a powerful part of graphic representation in historical science, archaeology and paleontology. They are becoming valuable tools for researchers and contribute to a better understanding of cultural heritage for experts as well as the general public. To strengthen the reliability of 3D reconstructions, it is essential to establish mechanisms of methodological standardization and to focus on the central question of how to visualize hypotheses: How should uncertainties in architecture, individuals and cultural artifacts be marked? How to visualize the degree of evidence?

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Your presentation may address

  • 3D reconstruction of sites, individuals and cultural artifacts
  • reconstructive techniques involved: GIS, 3D sculpting, photogrammetry techniques, and laser scanning

in combination with questions concerning

  • the degree of photorealism you are applying
  • the way documentation of the reconstruction process is made available to the recipients
  • how the applied technology determines perception and interpretation

Got interested? You are very welcome to contribute to the discussion by submitting an abstract for the “Visualizing Hypotheses” round table at the CHNT conference.

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