Zuzana DURICKOVA, Capturing Reality| Ladislav DEDIK, Studio 727, Slowakia | July 11, 2018 | 10 am

Hands-on Workshop – How to use the top-class photogrammetry software RealityCapture for preserving the cultural heritage in digital form

Figure 1: Comparative analysis of the Eim Ya Kyaung monument at Bagan, performed by CyArk. Credit: CyArk

Nowadays, the importance of photogrammetry within cultural heritage is rapidly growing. It enables archeologists, researchers and preservationists to capture the current state of a certain object in a 3D model and allows them to further research the object, do comparative analyses, an archive it for future generations. Moreover, it enables them to integrate it into Virtual Reality and thus use it not only for entertainment but to turn it into a powerful educational tool and make our cultural heritage more accessible to the wider public.

Figure 2 Eim Ya Kyaung Monument reconstructed in RealityCapture. Credit: CyArk

Despite the ongoing effort of all the people involved in preservation of our past, cultural heritage is slowly deteriorating due to human (in)activity and natural disasters. That is why researchers, archeologists, preservationists and many others are relying more and more on capturing the data and preserving them in digital form.
“Before RealityCapture became available, the processing of 3D models had been complicated and it took ages to produce good results. With this software and basic photographic skills, however, all excavators managed to create their own georeferenced model for the next day! This was absolutely necessary, because it became too much work for the two specialists of us.” Max Haibt, Archeologist from Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

Studio 727, CyArk, Arck Project, Iconem, MYND Workshop, DAINST – these organizations are only a fragment of customers that decided to rely on RealityCapture in their mission to preserve the world cultural heritage.

Omega House of the Athenian agora digitized by Studio 727: https://youtu.be/G1Q1zBBQ060

At the workshop we will present the features that RealityCapture offers and we will guide your through the process or reconstructing the 3D model from the set of images. Several examples will be presented as well as tips and tricks how the handle different challenges that may occur in special cases. You will have the opportunity to try the whole process for yourself so that you can see what you can achieve with it, how it can help you directly in the field and demonstrate that you do not need to be expert in field of photogrammetry to preserve cultural heritage in digital form.

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