Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy| Willem BEEX, The Netherlands | May 11, 2018 | 10:00 am

Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public

As we stated in our abstract for this session, even a place or item with an enormous artistic and historical value, cannot exclude itself without solving the problem of finding a solution for the smooth integration of additional digital information (VR/AR) that is available, and will be available. And our future Audience of the future is craving this…

So this is the moment for all of us as Heritage People coming to CHNT, and knowing all the technical solutions, to deal with this problem. And quite frankly, that is in a nutshell what this session is about. This is what we as chairs are looking for. Nothing more, and nothing less.

In order to make this session useful, we are asking each participant for a fast presentation based on 6 slides in 6 minutes. Therefore we are asking for those people, who not only have the skill to present their experience, idea, or study in such a brief way, but who are also ready to discuss all their views afterwards.

So let us be clear! This is a session for the Brave, but at the same time you will find the support from well experienced chairs and our aim is to have a collaborative and positive session, where people may exchange ideas, solutions and be successful in a little but important challenge: being concise and open to sharing. Based on the fact what one of the editors for a magazine I once worked for told to me: “In opposite to scientific writing, you and I have now learned to describe any good idea into just a few paragraphs. Ideally just one! And as you can see this works!

So any scientist you are now dealing with henceforth, and who claims that it is impossible to describe her or his work with only one page, is either extremely full of brilliant new ideas, or she/he has no clue what she/he is talking about…”.

But do not be alarmed if you want to join, and if you have a lot to tell! Because we know that during the discussion, after this swift introduction, we really do need your extra input! Our only problem is that we cannot predict what we will be needing.

We as chairs will give you the best support and attention possible, once you join!

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