Wolfgang Börner | November 6, 2017 | 10 am

One day and 23 hours are left until CHNT 22 2017 will start.

This year we have two new locations for our Social Events.

Our first social highlight will be the Opening – our Ice Breaker Party in the District Museum Josefstadt – 1080 Vienna, Schmidg. 18.
It will start at 7:30pm and we have again a play for the participants and small awards.

District Museum Josefstadt (© vivent.at)

District Museum Josefstadt (© vivent.at)

The second social highlight will be the Mayor Cocktail (Location: Rathauskeller)
Welcome: Susanne BLUMA, City Council/Provincial Parliament of Vienna

Rathaus Keller (© Rathauskeller)

Rathaus Keller (© Rathauskeller)














Our last Social Event will be in THE Gasthaus Müller – 1160 Vienna, Payergasse 14.
This Viennese inn is located at the Brunnenmarkt, the longest street market of Vienna.
The Welcome will be done by Roland LÖFFLER, District Council Ottakring, Vienna

Gasthaus Müller

Gasthaus Müller (© Gasthaus Müller)


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