We are excited to announce that CHNT will create this year a best student paper award! It is intended as the beginning of a tradition to value, highlight and promote the excellent work of students* participating at the conference.

*Student < 27 age

The winning paper will be published in the journal Open Archaeology (upon peer review) and its author can choose two e-books from the De Gruyter catalogue.

The winner will also be announced at the conference and will be commemorated on the CHNT website and social media.”

Only papers in which the first author is a student or a former student, who is submitting a part of his/her Master or PhD thesis are going to be considered. Three members of the scientific committee (Giorgio Verdiani, Nadine Alpino and Martina Polig) will evaluate the papers as well as their presentation according to a point system. The following aspects will be evaluated:

  • Originality of the Topic  (1 to 5 points)
  • Relevance of the Topic OK (1 to 5 points)
  • Clarity and Structure of the Text  (1 to 5 points)
  • Quality of the work (correct method, good execution, transparency in work pipeline and weaknesses, etc.)  (1 to 10 points)
  • Oral presentation  (1 to 10 points)

The members of the evaluation committee will grade the papers independently and will meet to compare results and determine which paper received the most points in total.

We are looking forward to learn about the exciting research of the new generation of scientists and hope to receive many submissions!

Mind the guidelines!