(OpenHistoryMap, Bologna, Italy)

Keywords: generator, gis, app

In a given context and within a specific ruleset the needs of users and administrators are very similar or can be reconducted to a similar set of elements. From this premise stems the work on the GeoContext Platform, which enables users to interconnect geographic information and observe it in a shared context collector where all the info the user might need are geographically contextualized whatever the sources.
Most of the current contextualizations done with GeoContext have been defined for Cultural Heritage institutions or for public administrations delivering Cultural Heritage content. For those institutions the previous sentence has even more value: By definition the requirements of such an institution can be simplified and analyzed in a completely abstract manner. For this reason the work of GeoContext has proven so valuable, being a convergence platform where content and form can be merged into simple and standardized interactions the users can expect from the several other applications
already avaliable on the various app stores.
The CHContext application generator is a tool using GeoContext for the autonomous creation of web and mobile applications that enable museums, ecomuseums, and archaeological parks to expose their georeferenced data through simple standardized interfaces with a unique and simple user experience.

Relevance for the conference: industrializing the cultural heritage process enables the elevation of standards.
Innovation: The innovative approach to the problem of cultural hertiage application creation stems from the industrialization of the application definition process