Jae Hyun PARK / Hyun Sang CHOI / Cheol Ho CHOI
(Doalltech Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea)

Abstract: Cultural Heritages are one of good measurements to evaluate each country’s value. Nowadays, importance of heritage management is increasing because of above reason. However, restoration and maintenance management of construction heritages has some problems to progress because of insufficient data and lack of effective management system. BIM (Building Information Modeling) technologies can be solved those kinds of problems. But introducing BIM technology of modern architectures and heritages is totally different. In case of modern architectures, BIM software such as ArchiCAD and Revit provide most of building elements like wall, column and slab. However, there is no BIM elements for heritages in BIM software, thus if BIM models for heritages would be established, BIM libraries as object elements of heritages should be developed for their BIM based tasks. In particular, those kinds of BIM models should be reused 3D scan data which are already progressed in South Korea. Furthermore, these models should be included heritage related information for their restoration and maintenance management works. In this study, BIM for construction heritages is suggested and some actual cases are introduced. It is expected that BIM based maintenance management of heritages will be possible using these BIM based process and models which is developed in this study. However, additional research and development should be done for more effective BIM based maintenance tasks of heritages.

Keywords: Information Modeling, Construction Heritage, Maintenance Management