(Central Data Archive, University Library in Bratislava)

The University Library in Bratislava (ULIB) (https://www.ulib.sk/sk/) is the oldest and largest scientific library in the Slovak Republic. It is the culminating cultural, information, scientific and educational institution in the field of library activity. It is a universal state-of-the-art scientific library, which provides free access to knowledge and information disseminated on all types of media. The library implements co-ordination, statistical, educational, professional and methodological tasks for libraries in the Slovak Republic. It focuses on library, information, bibliographic, scientific, cultural and educational activities
The Department of Digitization in the University Library in Bratislava (https://www.ulib.sk/sk/digitalizacia-ukb/) is a development and experimental workplace for copy protection, digitization and accessibility of digitized library documents of the literary cultural heritage of the Slovak Republic through new information technologies. Department works with national affairs, participates in solving national projects and research in book culture.
Digitized documents need to be further preserved, protected and made available. This is the role of the archive – The Central Data Archive (CDA). But not just objects digitized on the ULIB digitization department but also objects from other selected memory and fund institutions.
The Central Data Archive (http://cda.kultury.sk/) is a trusted digital repository which mission is to ensure the reliable and long-term protection of digital objects created within the National Digitization Program. The project was supported by the European Structural Funds. The application is a complex of processes designed to store digital content for a long time. Content is stored in two geographically distant locations and in one archive repository. Twenty-five Petabyte archive is implemented in accordance with ISO 14721 and ISO 16363 in the form of a distributed OAIS architecture with two fully functional computing sites. CDA provides services, tools, and logistical support for deposit and distribution of digital content. At present, there are 1 708 222 standard archival information packages with total volume of 4 Petabytes in the digital archive.