“Römische Denkmäler an der mittleren Donau von Vindobona bis Aquincum”

(in collaboration with M. Kandler, V. Turčan , O. H. Urban and H. Zabehlicky)

A publication in 4 language versions (Slovak, German, English and Hungarian) brings highly up-to-date information, presented untraditionally and innovatively. Incorporated into it are the latest scientific findings and interpretations of a team cooperation of renowned Slovak, Austrian, Czech and Hungarian authors. It includes easy-to-read maps, colored photographs and virtual digital reconstructions that are designed to allow fast and efficient orientation in terrain, and to provide a concrete vision of the original appearance of monuments.

processing of archeological locations and museum expositions from the roman period in middle-Danube into a clear form of a pocket itinerary on the territory of Austria in Vienna, through southern Moravia, Slovakia down to Budapest in Hungary.

–  informing of the public at large in Slovakia, but mainly abroad about the less known Slovak archeological monuments from the roman period that link us not just with the entire world of antiquity, but that also point out the importance of our territory as a European cultural cross-roads and highlight the continuity of archaeological localities across countries along the Limes Romanus.

– to support the efforts of the Slovak Republic , Hungary and Austria to have a collection of Slovak localities from the Roman period listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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