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3D impact from Archaeologist perspective

Advanced Archaeological Training The proper methodology to best utilize mature technology Roy ALBAG (1) | Shani ZIV (2)((1)Archaeolgist and architect | (2)experiental learning technology expert, Israel) Keywords: Integration, gamification, 3D ¨Simulation are  for creating insights not images. these insights lead to discovery, interpretations and decisions” Stuart k. Card Restorative 3D is meant to enhance critical thinking. The control of the way visual reconstruction is iterpeted is essentialfor both professional and wide audiences. Archaeologists, archaeological sites and museums can learn, teach and spread their concepts by integrating visualization technology with interactive storytelling. The combination facilitates the interpretation and integration of findings. The output is a multi layer product that can be manifested in the following formats: Academic publication support and better understanding of excavationWider audience involvement with web based excavation interactive mapUsing scientifically based archaeological materials for immersive experienceGamified education experience Workshop structure:Each participant will present one interactive 3D simulation of his excavation that has an impact on his publication. The  simulation will include current view, 2 optional restorative options, 10 integrated artifacts including 2 with 3D objects. The view will have 2 interfaces one for distance visit of the site and the second for on-site visit. Applicants: Archaeologist with either an existing 3D simulation in the process on creation Archaeological sites/ museum with large data sets that need alternative perspectives Archaeological sites/ museum lacking resources for fiscal restoration Archaeological sites/ museum with large data sets that want online exposure Requirements: Plan and sections of the site Photogrammetry of the site Artifacts list: image, description, information, 360 from site Optional 360 reconstruction with findings 3D modelwith artifactswithout Archaeologist who don’t will be required to hire a 3D modelist (we can provide that service if convenient) for the structure and...

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