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Revisiting The Past and Structuring the Future

How Past Researches Can Lead Way To Newer Technologies In India.   Call for Short Papers   Chairs: Pratik N SAVALE | Manya DASHUJJ (PURATATTVASAMVARDHAN (NGO), Pune, Maharashtra, India) Like most third-world countries, India is also on its way to digital developments. In this new age of tech-savvy millennials, where technology is being constantly applied to newer and newer areas, the past and its remains have constantly been exposed to methods that are as old as them. The round table intends to start from the very start and discuss how the data already present can yield more results or how the knowledge gathered by our predecessors can be harnessed better. We intend on giving a new turn to some prominent studies to increase the data we get from them. This round table seeks the following ideas, • Scientific applications to ongoing or already established studies. • How third-world countries like India can take a step towards sustainable heritage management? • How can technological applications be made more accessible in terms of both usage and costs? • How can already present infrastructure and technological knowledge be used in fulfilling the aim of sustainable heritage development? (Bringing to life the funda of less is more). This is a call for short papers that seek to answer similar issues. In addition to short impulse lectures, a lively discussion will be the true essence of this round table. Send us your submission until August 20,...

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After graduating from high school in Vienna in 2014, Lina Karner began her studies in spatial planning at the Vienna University of Technology. At that time, she had already gained experience in conference and trade fair management. Following the completion of her bachelor’s degree, she participated in the summer academy “World Heritage Austria” and has focused on cultural heritage ever since. During her studies, she also worked as a student assistant (including in the subjects of architectural documentation of cultural heritage, research and planning design) and coordinated an interdisciplinary project in the course of the “100 Years of Women at TU Vienna” anniversary. Since joining the master’s programme, she has completed various internships at ICOMOS Austria and has provided significant support in the preparation of the monitoring manual. Over the past year and a half she has also participated in numerous conferences and meetings and was responsible for overlooking their virtual procedure. At the moment, she is writing her diploma thesis in which she develops a management plan for historic wine cellars in Burgenland and Lower Austria. From autumn 2021 onwards, she will be involved in a research project funded by the FWF looking at Conflicts and Challenges of World Heritage...

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Submission for papers, short papers & posters

Call for papers, … – extended

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