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CHNT 25, 2020-Abstracts

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 Opening: Matti BUNZL, Director of the Wien MUSEUM, Vienna Austria Keynote 1 Eslam NOFAL, The Netherlands: Phygital Heritage ——————————————————————————————————————- Sessions AI methods for digital humanities – New pathways towards Cultural HeritageChairs: Piotr KUROCZYNSKI | Günther GÖRZ | Christoph SCHLIEDER, Germany Nikolaos MYRIDIS | Dimitra SARAKATSIANOU, Greece: Climax: A historical script΄s AI transformation for human behavioural estimation (0,2 MB) Amelie DORN | Gerda KOCH | Renato ROCHA SOUZA, Austria | Yalemisew ABGAZ, Ireland: Classification of Historic Food Images – a pilot experiment on the example of the ChIA project (PDF 0,4 MB) F. Michael BARTLETT | William J. TURKEL, Canada: Digital Analysis of Historic Bridge Images Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI | Peggy GROSSE, Germany: Ontology for Scientific Documentation of source-based 3D reconstruction of architecture (PDF 0,8 MB) Andreas NOBACK | Lars Oliver GROBE, Germany: Preparing the past for the future: Curating a daylight simulation model of Hagia Sophia for modern data infrastructures (0,3 MB) ——————————————————————————————————————- Machine Learning In ArchaeometryChair: Johannes TINTNER | Bernhard SPANGL | Michael MELCHER, Austria Bashir KAZIMI | Katharina MALEK | Frank THIEMANN | Monika SESTER, Germany: Effectiveness of DTM Derivatives for Object Detection Using Deep Learning (2 MB) Johannes TINTNER | Bernhard SPANGL | Michael MELCHER, Austria: MD-Dating – Age estimation of wood via infrared spectroscopy and random forest modelling (PDF 0,5 MB) Bernhard SPANGL | Johannes TINTNER | Michael MELCHER, Austria: MD dating – the statistical theory behind (0,1 MB) ——————————————————————————————————————- AI, ML and DL in satellite, aerial and ground based remote sensingChairs: Apostolos SARRIS, Greece | Melda KÜÇÜKDEMİRCİ, Turkey | Tuna KALAYCI, The Netherlands Immo TRINKS | Alois HINTERLEITNER | Mario WALLNER | Klaus LÖCKER | Alexander BORNIK | Johannes HÖLLER |Matthias KUCERA |Roland FILZWIESER | Hannes SCHIEL| Tanja TRAUSMUTH| Alexandra VONKILCH| Jona SCHLEGEL| David RUSS| Wolfgang NEUBAUER, Austria: Towards an automated analysis of near-surface geophysical archaeological prospection data (1,4 MB) Julien WOLF | Finnegan POPE-CARTER | Paul JOHNSON, United Kingdom: Mag-Net: Improving magnetometer interpretation workflows with semantic segmentation (PDF 0,8 MB) Juergen LANDAUER | Wouter VERSCHOOF-VAN DER VAART, Germany: CarcassonNet: A Deep Learning Approach for Mapping Hollow Roads in LiDAR Data (PDF 0,7 MB) Hassan EL HAJJ, Germany: Automating Archaeological Site...

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