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Program Visual Heritage 2018 – Long List

Session: Visual Experience of the Past – Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public Chairs: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX, The Netherlands Monday, November 12, 2018 (Festsaal) 09:00 – 10:20 Matthew NICHOLLS, UK: Virtual Rome: large-scale public responses to digital 3D cultural heritage in a MOOC Christoph LOBINGER, Germany: The international project VirtualArch: visualization and presentation of hidden archaeological heritage across Central Europe Marco CALLIERI | Rachele MANGANELLI DEL FÀ | Andrea ARRIGHETTI | Giovanni MINUTOLI | Giovanni PANCANI, Italy: Different paradigms for different spaces: showing the Montagnola Tomb inside & out Marleen DE KRAMER | Christopher MORSE | Sam MERSCH, Luxembourg: What’s In A Name: Gamifying the Intangible History of Larochette, Luxembourg Zdravko DIMITROV | Miglena RAYKOVSKA | Emil MICHOV, Bulgaria: Virtual reality for rescue excavations: preserve the non-preservable. The example of the Roman villa rustica near Blagoevgrad Doris EBENSCHWANGER | Daniel ISEMANN | Sander MÜNSTER, Germany: Perception of Historical Buildings in Virtual Reality and Good Old Fashioned Reality – A Comparative Study Eleonora GANDOLFI | Graeme EARL | Grant COX, UK: Digital Open Scholarships in Heritage: how archaeological data can be reused to engage digital audiences Arie KAI-BROWNE | Thomas BREMER | Kay KOHLMEYER | Julia GONNELLA | Sebastian PLESCH | Susanne BRANDHORST | Jona SCHLEGEL, Germany: Spatial Contextualization of Cultural Heritage – the Cupola of the Torres de las Damas on the Alhambra Ylenia RICCI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Andrea PASQUALI, Italy: A petrified petrifying eyesight: a story for the MEDUSA’S HEADS from Istanbul, Turkey Andrea ASCHAUER | Jürgen HAGLER | Jeremiah DIEPHUIS | Michael LANKES, Austria: The Virtual House of Medusa: Playfully Collaborative Virtual Archaeology in a Museum Context 10:20-10:40 | Coffee Break 10:40-11:00 | Opening 11:00-12:00 | Key Notes 12:00-14:00 | Lunch Break 14:00 – 18:00 Giovanni VERRESCHI | Antonio NOVELLINO | Davide PANTILE, Italy: Exploracity: an innovative platform offering new services for the enhancement of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Adele MAGNELLI | Stefania BANDINI | Matteo VENTRELLA, Italy: Casanova Museum and Experience: how to integrate History with Virtual Reality in order to relive the past Eva PIETRONI | Alfonsina PAGANO | Enzo D’ANNIBALE, Italy: The use of holographic showcases...

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