(HTW Dresden, Dresden, Germany)

Keywords: UUV, Simulator, MissionPlanner, archaeological documentation, real-time 3D reconstruction

The support of automated surveys in the field of archaeological documentation is already very advanced and is approaching the requirements of manual aerial surveying more and more. In this field are programs used that provide so-called 2.5D models (pure terrain elevation models). Normally different flight strategies are used to deliberately record complex situations in order to create 3D models. These methods are realizable by using GPS positioning and local distance sensors. In the underwater area, the reception of GPS and therefore an automated documentation of underwater situations for low-cost submarines are not easy to handle. To prepare the ground and start future solutions, based on the real-time 3D reconstruction with the ORB-SLAM module for real-time localization of the mini-submarine “Manio”, ArchaeoPlanner was developed. It is used to plan and test a documentation mission offline. “Manio” is based on the BlueRov 2 and has been upgraded with a buoy for easier handling and increasing the range. ArchaeoPlanner consists of three modules: MissionPlanner, SubControl and VirtualSub. These three modules work in a pipeline. For example, the MissionPlanner first creates a documentation pattern consisting of the direction in degrees and length in meters. Scaling is necessary when driving a mission because accurate meter reading is currently not possible. This is implemented by a factor. The factor allows missions to scale larger and smaller. Within SubControl there is also a live image of the internal camera. With this image it is possible to control the submarine manually. In addition, the current GPS position of the buoy can be seen. The documentation pattern can be tested in advance in the simulator VirtualSub. After the virtual environment as well as the mission in SubControl are started, the virtual diving session can be seen directly. So, it helps to get a better valuation about the behavior of the submarine. After the mission has been planned and reviewed, it can be executed directly. Via SubControl it is possible to communicate directly with the original software QGroundcontrol, using a virtual joystick, as well as controlling “Manio”.