Current practice and experience; and future potential

Call for Papers

Chairs: James EOGAN1 | Paul O’KEEFFEE1 | Dave COWLEY2
(1Transport Infrastructure Ireland | 2Historic Environment Scotland)

Keywords: LiDAR, cultural heritage, impact assessment, practice

Largescale infrastructure projects in the transport, energy generation and energy transmission sectors across Europe are acquiring high-resolution LiDAR datasets. Such datasets are being made available to archaeologists for the purposes of cultural heritage impact assessment. Models derived from LiDAR datasets are a powerful tool for characterising the historic environment and identifying previously undocumented elements within the landscape. It is intended that this session will be an opportunity for practitioners to discuss:

  • case studies where LiDAR has been used to assess the cultural heritage impact of largescale infrastructure projects
  • innovations in terms of different approaches taken to modelling, visualising, and presentation of the analysis LiDAR-derived datasets
  • practical issues such as data management, validating results and implications for management of the historic environment
  • research and future potential developments

Target audience: researchers in third level and industry, managers/curators of state, regional and local authorities, archaeological consultants

Send us your submission until July 30, 2021