(TU Wien, Vienna Austria)

Seeing how many individuals are still doing their everyday business around the heritage of Affandi, one of the best known expressionistic painters of Indonesia, can make you wonder how big his legacy actually is. Materialized in a vast amount of paintings and his self-designed and partwise self-built museum / home / studio / last home it is today, 26 years after his death, the challenge to work on sustaining all that for generations to come.
Sparked by his daugther Kartikas bonds with Austria a team from the University of Technology in Vienna in cooperation with Donauuniversität Krems is working on a wholistic concept to stop the decay of the things Affandi left behind. First results of that work as well as the adventures of working in a country like Indonesia should be presented to the audience using the tools of Affandi. Hands. And loads of color. Presenting a process that uses high-tech equipment with the most basic tools humans have in a colorful theatrical approach.