Richard THOMA
(ARDIG-Archäologischer Dienst GesmbH, Austria)

Abstract: Radio-controlled aerial drones are a fast, accurate and moderately priced alternative to approach unaccessible areas. Taking aerial pictures by drone is a practical way to inspect the condition of buildings, even inside dense urban areas. It is not always possible to put up a scaffolding or hire an airplane to take aerial pictures. In these situations drones can provide the only reliable source of documentation. Pictures of other buildings in a greater context can be used for construction research. Drones are easily set up and their almost silent operation makes them perfect in sensible areas. Also the progress of construction work can be documented. Recent drones have a lot of sensors – including GPS.  Waypoints can be planned on ground, and the drone can fly repeatedly to the exact same spot, taking pictures with the same angle. Safety is insured by GPS, providing coming-home-functionality when reception is lost, even with a predefined height. Different camera systems can be carried and the camera mount assures high quality pictures or videos with a straight horizon, even in windy conditions. A real time video transmission allows the client to see through the drones “eye”, making better decisions what to photograph.

Keywords: aerial drones air pictures