(Visual Dimension bvba, Belgium)


Definition of a CIDOC-CRM and London Charter compliant metadata scheme for description and documentation of the virtual reconstruction process of man-made structures and landscapes


Based upon a virtual reconstruction of the medieval city of Biograd, Croatia, as example, we propose a metadata scheme that documents the virtual reconstruction process and resulting 3D models.  This work is the cornerstone of standardised documentation of virtual reconstructions, compliant with the London Charter that defines the international guidelines for creating and documenting 3D visualisations of historical man-made structures and landscapes.  The proposed metadata scheme is compliant with the CIDOC-CRM and is based upon its latest developments for 3D. The research takes place in the context of the European  project CARARE, that will make 3D available in Europeana, and builds on the results of research on the subject in EPOCH (InMan was a first practical implementation of the London Charter). The scheme will be the basis for documenting 3D in Europeana and will allow the creation of software that supports the virtual reconstruction process.


metadata, 3D virtual reconstruction, virtual historical cities, CIDOC-CRM, London Charter