Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria – Martina TROGNITZ

ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the HumanitiEs) is a service aimed at offering stable and persistent hosting as well as dissemination of digital research data and resources for the Austrian humanities community. It welcomes data from all humanities fields and accepts a wide array of types of data, such as digital texts, lexicographic resources, semantic resources, tabular data, databases, digital images, file collections like GIS, 3D or CAD, media files, and many more.
In order to be able to preserve digital data in the long term, a set of policies and standards has to be followed. This is why a deposition process was established, which every depositor has to run through, in order to ensure proper preparation of the data and its accompanying documentation until archivation and publication with a persistent identifier. The deposition process follows principles and standards described by the Open OAIS reference model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS), a conceptual framework for digital archival systems.
A video was created to allow depositors to gain a quick, but thorough overview over the deposition process and its individual steps.
ARCHE is funded jointly by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. It is located and run by the ACDH-OeAW.

A six minute 2D animation video will be presented. It visualises and explains the required steps for preparing and depositing data into the humanities digital archive ARCHE. The story features Dante, a project leader, and Nora, a curator at ARCHE, who guide through the individual steps of the deposition process on the basis of a basic example.
The process includes preparatory steps on the depositor’s side before submission, as well as steps on how to actually submit and hand in data. After submission a curator takes care of the files and the video explains what is checked automatically and done manually with the data on ARCHE’s side.
Throughout the process communication between the data’s depositor and the curator plays an important part, in order to be able to properly disseminate the data to the public for future access and reuse.
The video is also available on YouTube: