(Central institute for conservation, Belgrade, Serbia)


Access: The new technology extends the capabilities for explication of fundamental concepts in archeology science, like what is the archaeological space, that has the pre applications of 3D reconstruction, was largely dependent on the interpretative ability of archaeologists. However, the introduction of new technologies in archeology has not led to improved interpretation of the archaeological spaces. Hence the need to introduce a new paradigm.

The result: the methodology that belongs to the theory of deconstruction when applied in accordance with the theory of space gives the best solution for the formulation of a paradigm of archaeological spaces.

Innovation: the expanded interpretation of the archaeological area in accordance with 3D technology


The modern of observation in the area paradigm of archaeological spaces depends is of the 3D technology. Because of such reconstruction which is the as a rule, always infinitesimal approximation of archaeological area, as well as becouse the fact that the reconstruction of space belongs primarily the field of archaeological interpretation, it is necessary to introduce a new methodology in paradigm of archaeological space. This is posibility to ensure observability for spaces  that are created using 3D technology, which in terms of virtual spaces have meaning like total reconstruction but who not have the complete reconstruction of meaning of the real space .  The paper shows the methodology of the theory of deconstruction, which provides opportunities for the formulation of a new paradigm of archaeological spaces.


3D reconstruction,  spaces in archaeology, paradigm