(Erfgoed ‘s-Hertogenbosch, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands)

Keywords: medieval city gate, digital and visual media, public excavation, 3D reconstructions, timelapse videos

‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands: in the summer of 2016 an archaeological excavation took place to unearth the history of a medieval city gate, the so-called ‘Pieckepoort’. The excavation was organized by the Heritage Department of ‘s-Hertogenbosch Municipality. This poster aims to provide solutions to the challenge of bringing the general public closer to archaeological heritage. To reach the audience, innovative techniques were applied using digital and visual media.
It was the city’s first large-scale public excavation, which attracted media attention and was assisted by the work of many volunteers. The excavation could also be followed from special viewing points on the top of two containers and by a webcam.
Various visual applications have been developed to reach the public. 3D reconstructions and timelapse videos have been made to share on different online channels. And thanks to 360 degree photography it is possible to offer a virtual tour of the archaeological excavation. An educational game is being developed for children and youngsters. They can use virtual reality glasses to explore the Middle Ages and the area around the old Pieckepoort. In the meantime they can come in contact with historical characters and search for objects that were found there during the archaeological excavation.

Thanks to the use of these new techniques and by visually presenting the heritage, we were able to reach a larger and wider audience.