Zither music for concerts, events and private parties

The zither has a particularly long and rich history in Vienna. Synonymous with the charm of the city at its most relaxed, its sound immediately transports its listeners to the Viennese salons of yesteryear or the hostelries and ‘Heuriger’wine taverns that still flourish in the city’s leafy suburbs.
The sound of the Vienna zither won immortal fame through the world-famous music composed and performed by Anton Karas for the film The Third Man (1949).
One of Austria’s best-known zither soloists,Cornelia Mayer has an intimate association with Viennese music.Central to her repertoire are compositions by such grand masters of the zither as Franz Kropf (Empress Sisi’s zither teacher), Carl Umlauf (who founded the Vienna school of zither-playing), and Hans Lanner ( ‘Chamber Zither-Player’to the last Austrian monarch Emperor Karl). Cornelia Mayer is the only zither-player in the world today whose performances authentically recreate the distinctive Anton Karas sound.

Performing highlights: Zither concert,Vienna Musikverein; 2005,Belvedere Palace,50th anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty;England,concerts for the Anglo-Austrian Society; 2009, Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra New Year’s concert; solo concerts for the Wiener Volksliedwerk and Musikkultur Lower Austria in Krems. CD recordings for Extraplatte and EMI.


‘When I close my eyes and listen to Cornelia Mayer, I hear Grandad.’
Werner Chudik, grandson of Anton Karas

Zither music for concerts, events and private parties

Repertoire for concerts and events:
Music from the cult film ‘The Third Man’ Viennese salon and Heuriger music Classical concert pieces Music from jazz, pop and film

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