(Artzoom digital media s.r.o., Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Keywords: 3D digital content, Art and Modernism, Cultural Heritage presentation

Archaeological input:
Application Artzoom viewer: Wounded presents one of the most important Czech sculptural work of the first half of the 20th century. And refers to the cultural heritage of modernism.
Artzoom viewer is interactive education app that takes you into fascinating world of visual arts. You can explore fully digitized virtual scans of art objects, statues and valuable artifacts. In aplication you can interactively zoom and rotate with models for a thrilling and detailed view or you can listen the artist life story. You can look at the detailed photos of museum items or explore the history in artists photo album. Great benefit is coordinated audio storytelling with authentical statement.
Applications collects all data and facts about one of the most impressive works of Czech sculptor. It describes historical events which led to its creation. Creates audio coordinated story with support in visual data such as hi-resolutin photos of collection item. A collection of photographs from the archives and last but not least 3D digital scan of the item.
Informative content:
The main component of the application is a 3D digital scan, a series of photos and audio stories.
Entertainment value:
Entertainment value refers to the new training methods using digital technology. Amusing convey information from the cultural heritage sector, so that the viewer has learned as much information in a short time. Also refers to interactive training using PC or tablet. App Wounded is multilanguage educational aplication which gives you possibility to obtain immersive knowledges from the history of visual arts.