Chairs: Christian DERLER / Robert MÖSTL / Sandra MURG, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Institute of Information Systems & Information Management, Austria

eXhibition:editor3D allows you to:

  • create virtual exhibitions (for web, indoor,…)
  • produce exciting presentations with an edge
  • design and preview future expositions

Digital content in cultural heritage institutions has become more or less a standard nowadays and is used in various areas like web-pages, media stations at exhibitions, archives, libraries or similar institutions.

Three-dimensional presentations of exhibitions, however, are rare and usually not systematically structured due to a distinct lack of didactic and usability strategies. There used to be no author/curator-friendly editor for developing such exhibitions. Scientists at JOANNEUM RESEARCH in cooperation with the ‘Technisches Museum’ Vienna have developed an application, which provides an easy way to achieve all this.

The software is capable of a wide range of uses. For museums it not only allows creating virtual exhibitions but also supports the process of planning future exhibitions by providing previews of the various show rooms. Digital representations of real objects can be positioned within the available room and the exhibition designer can compare different layouts. The impression of wandering through the exhibition and thus approaching objects is realistic and helps with finding the perfect positions for the various items on display.

In addition, the application offers new exciting ways of presenting topics. Imagine MS Powerpoint (or Keynote from Apple) but in three dimensional space. The editor supports the integration of 3D modelled objects as well – a presentation for a car for example can include all the facts in textual form, movies, sounds and also an interactive lifelike model.