Chairs: Willem BEEX / Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands

In this workshop we want to show the participants the correct method to get your basic information (analogue drawings and records) digitally disclosed for GIS analysis. We will use original information from a Dutch excavation, carried out in the Pre-Digital era. In the first part of this workshop the participants will learn how to vectorize the drawings. And the participants will have to design a relational database in which the records could be stored. In the second part of the workshop the participants will learn to combine the vectorized drawings and the digitally stored records. (For this purpose we will supply a working database)
Once all information is available in a GIS-environment, the participants will get some pre-defined questions that have to be answered using the computer. Due to the fact that this workshop will be very labour consuming, only one participant per available computer is allowed. Prior to the workshop we will send a reader to the listed participants.

Requirements: Good knowledge of Windows. Familiar with basic trigonometry. Basic knowledge of relational databases. Reasonable understanding of English.