Chairs: B. Ducke / D. Westermann, Germany

Fancy a career in quantitative archaeology? Educational and jobopportunities in the digital age of archaeology.

Last year’s Vienna workshop closed with a somewhat gloomy outlook on the near future of quantitative methods in archaeology, but is the situation really that bad? Digital excavation techniques, modern heritage management, complex research issues crave for skilled students and researchers to develop new, efficient and reliable means of processing an ever-growing mass of untackled archaeological challenges. Providing young archaeologists with a solid background in quantitative sciences such as mathematics, statistics and computer sciences is thus today more important than ever.

This workshop is aimed primarily at:

  • (prospective) students interested in specialising in quantitative archaeology
  • researchers involved in teaching and advancing quantitative methods in archaeology

The workshop aims to present and discuss four key issues of quantitative archaeology in academics and the job market:

  • give participants the key information to understanding why archaeology as a science can have no future without a sound quantitative base
  • present today’s remaining or evolving hotspots of quantitative archaeology: Where to go for studying the subject? Who is teaching what?
  • discuss current research agendas in quantitative archaeology on different scales (intrasite archaeology to landscape archaeology)
  • outline job opportunities and key qualifications: heritage management, archaeological IT consulting and software development, digital excavation management, digital archives and museums, teaching and training quantitative archaeologists.