Robert Saul / Peter Scheuchel / Karl Fischer / Wolfgang Börner

(Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Austria)

It is the objective of the “Wien-Kultur” project to process, organise and analyse all knowledge concerning the City of Vienna’s stock of cultural assets worthy of protection by using state-of-the-art technology. Databases, the Geographical Information System and an electronic multi-purpose map (city map) are employed to exactly delimit or newly define protection zones (a key element of the cultural asset database).
A variety of applications provide information on crucial, historically and urbanistically relevant identifiers and characteristic structures of the City of Vienna by means of maps, photographs and – in the near future – videos and 3D reconstructions. This digital, interactive map not only creates an ideal basis for all plans of relevance for urban development and urban conservation, but also provides Vienna’s population with an excellent source of information on the history of their city.
The visualisation of the geographic data is done by the means of a Web Map Service (WMS) managed from a web browser. Based on the Internet, WMS provides the possibility to create maps through the integration of multiple geographic information systems enabling the retrieval of thematic information from the existing geographic data. WMS is considering the worldwide standards for the exchange of digital maps specified by the Open GIS Consortium (OGS).
The design of the user interface is taking into account the considerations of the Web Style Guide defined for web applications of the City of Vienna.