Silvia Rußegger

(Institute of Information Systems & Information Management, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft, Austria)

The usage of external funding possibilities often is an absolute necessity for cultural institutions in order to guarantee its own survival. As it is quite difficult to find ones way through the jungle of different funding programs (national and international) JOANNEUM RESEARCH provides assistance for cultural institutions from Styria in applying for an EC funded project.
JOANNEUM RESEARCH will check with the specific cultural institution the following project topics:

  • Does the planned project generally fit in an international framework programme?
  • Which funding program is suitable for the specific project idea?
  • Which formal instructions and regulations have to be complied to?

With many practical tips this lecture can be seen as assistance for the conception of international projects. Among other issues EC funding programs, which are relevant for the cultural sector, will be introduced.