The case of the “Paper Architectures” rebuild

(Dipartimento di Architettura, Florence, Italy)

Keywords: Virtual Museum; Augmented reality; Visionary Architecture; Digital Heritage

The will of experiment the architectural design process on a virtual space, is the main feature of this project; in this case, has been adopted the typology of museum to investigate del potential of virtual reality on architectural visualization.
Its specific structure allows to host a multitude of different collections (3d digital arts, 3d model reconstructions, etc…) and each one of them can be modified in time thank to the flexibility and dynamic state of the museum.  It could be a “never-ending” project, or a “continuously growing” museum.
In this contribution, it will be presented a first collection prototype, created from the 3d reconstruction of some of -as they’re called- visionary architectures: a selection of works, from the 19th century to today, born “on paper” and never built. Such a collection can be, in general, considered as a bridge between “intangible” and “built” Heritage, but overall an important part of the architectural culture.
The aim of the project is to experiment a different approach in the field of historical “paper architectures”, trying to increase their value and their suggestive nature and sharing it through the museum structure.
Basically, the project gives to these (art)works the possibility of spatial perception and through virtual and augmented reality, based on online and site specific platforms, allows them to be explored as a real building inside a virtual world in which they don’t have to deal with technical and physical issues. A world where creativity can take place as defined by the will of the original authors.

Relevance conference / Relevance session:
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