(Stadtarchäologie Wien, Austria)

Three very important excavations within the legionary fortress of Roman Vienna enabled a much better understanding of architecture, chronology and life in ancient times along the Danubian Limes. Elaboration and research of the 1982/83 campaign at the Wildpretmarkt, the 1995-98 campaign at the Judenplatz and at last the current excavations at Am Hof achieved results to take a chance for 3D-reconstruction. It was time to reach a wider public in presenting these results and the dimensions of the Roman fortress within the today´s inner city of Vienna. In cooperation with the company 7reasons, specialised in 3D digital reconstructions, it was possible – based on a ready made digital fortress – to create a mutable system, which can change in a very short time certain buildings of the fortress according to the state of research. In 2007, for example, the new discovered “fabrica” could be immediately reconstructed and is now shown to the visitors of the new Roman museum of Vienna both in digital reconstruction and as a wall painting.