“linked” in space and time for historical building research, visualization and presentation

(ArcTron 3D GmbH, Altenthann, Germany)

The digital recording of Vianden Castle in Luxemburg aimed at realising a complete photorealistic “as-built” documentation. The full data acquisition and modelling was an ArcTron 3D research process for more than 10 years.  During this time all interior rooms, the exterior structures and the surrounding landscape (16 km2) were documented with latest surveying technologies including terrestrial and airborne 3D scanners.  Especially exciting were new approaches to complement the 3D model with brand-new technologies. In 2015 ArcTron and RIEGL realised to scan parts of the castle again using the RiCopter-UAV with the VUX-1 airborne scanner in combination with terrestrial laserscanning and SFM-photogrammetry! Some of these “fused” 3D data, organized in a special 3D information system, can and are enriched with additional archaeological, building research and historical information. Among other topics six different building phases are scientifically reconstructed to supplement the documentation of the current status. The 3D documentation is intensively supported using aspect3D, ArcTron´s own 3D information system and SFM photogrammetry software.
For exhibition purposes data are integrated in 3D animations, serious game developments, stereoscopic, interactive and/or immersive visualisations (AR/VR). Also different 3D model building concepts using CNC milling and 3D printing technologies were realized.
Thus the data of Vianden Castle is not only the foundation for research purposes and architectural questions, it is also elementary for producing a new museum movie and 3D exhibition concept with interactive VR and AR.