Erzsébet Marton

(National Office of Cultural Heritage Budapest, Hungary)

As we reported in the 9th conference in 2004 – the European Textile Network based set up in Belgium in 1997 under the umbrella of the Assembly of European Regions. Meanwhile the Cultural Itineraries idea has been supported by several European Union programmes. The ETN members are: institutions, associations and private persons, who are committed of textiles and textile industrial researches.
The ETN secretariat has been located in Hanover, where the domain of the association works and is setting as well. Its homepage: We would like to enlarge the industrial routes within the frame of Culture 2000 project during 2006, but actually we did not know could we follow it or not. The application will presumably be decided about in Brussels by May 2005…
The new EU project could be introduced by the participation of five countries in 2006. The Hungarian partners: Archaeocomp Association Budapest and the National Office of Cultural Heritage, where I am working now.
The enlarged project would like to connect Romania, Bulgaria, France (Champagne-Ardenne region), and to enlarge the Dutch and Hungarian routes as well.
News: The main activity of ETN this year the 13th ETN Conference, including the General Assembly will be held in Izmir, Turkey, with attractive tours, a.o. to Bursa and Istanbul. The meetings and tours will take place from 15th to 22nd September 2005. Website of the Conference host (for information on local conditions and for Turkish participants:)