Hans Peter SAMSTAG

(High Precision Systems GmbH, Bensheim, Germany)

Outline: Image Database with automated access using modern AUTO-ID technologies

The Partner company. www.beschriftungstechnik.de in the Saxony area of Germany delivered a variable marking system using the modern industrial Ink-Jet technology to directly mark exhibits permanently. The advantage for a museum is that no labels are needed and the ink is directly on the exhibit.
Referencing the exhibit within a database is currently done by reading the code number and enter it via a keyboard into a PC / Workstations. With very little effort and no extra cost the Ink-jet printer will mark an additional Datamatrix code with the relating data to the exhibit.
During the workshop HPS will show to possible options how the code can be used for tracing the exhibit.
1. An Image database holding the data can be easily accessed buy using ordinary keyboard entry or with a 2D Code reader. Test with the PROJEKT DYABOLALiterature & Object Databases could easily established and will be demonstrated during the workshop. Other images databases such as the one from Kappa or even freeware software such as Google Picasa are also suitable.
2.Once the exhibit is marked, the same code content on the exhibit can be used for paper printed material. We will show how to access those codes printed in articles, magazines, books etc using a modern cellular phone. The code can then be decoded in the phone and a link will lead the browser in the phone to the referring article in the Net.

Keywords: Traceability, Imagedatabase, Datamatrix, Direkt Part Marking