(6020 peaks, Innsbruck, Austria)

Keywords: UNESCO World Heritage, UNESCO place navigator, UNESCO discovery

TourO is a mobile app that helps discovering tourist attractions and must go places in an easy way. Using the same swiping mechanism implemented by Tinder, the app allows users to navigate a list of points of interests (POIs) and get relevant information about them.
Just like in Tinder, swiping right or left means the user likes or dislikes the POI depicted on the screen. When a user likes a POI, this is automatically added to a list of favorites. This functionality is used to provide a rating system for POIs, which allows us to observe what users think about each place.

A first version of the app is available on Google Play:

The current version includes a list of the World Heritage Places proposed by UNESCO, which contains 1000+ POIs. The name of the place, together with a text description and an image are shown to the user.

The app is released in public beta mode and is still under heavy development. The roadmap for TourO includes the following list of features:

  • Depict the rating of the POI when enough user data is available.
  • Complete the information about each POI with available videos, more photos and link to Wikipedia.
  • Allow users with the possibility of creating different lists of POIs, which could be shared publicly with other users.
  • Allow the navigation of existing lists of POIs.
  • Display list of POIs on a Map.
  • Extend the list of available POIs by integrating available data of cities.
  • Use geolocation to display only POIs nearby.